About me

I was born in Brazil, a tropical country in South America with beautiful sights and locations.

I was born blessed with a talent to create handmade crafts. A talent that I love.

I have always enjoyed the manual work involved in my crafts and I don’t like mass produced, machine made, fashion.

Crochet came to me very early in my life, being taught by my grandmother as a child of ten years old. My grandmother, Ana, was my original inspiration.

Afterwards I learned knitting, painting and cross-stitch embroidery.

My favourite craft has always been crochet. For me to pick up a needle and thread and create a luxurious, intricately detailed, seamless, dress is something magical.

When I was a young teenager, I was attracted to fashion and art.
I began making my own clothes because I wanted different clothes from everyone else.

I discovered that I could do anything with a tread and needle. So began my passion for creating unique pieces to suit the identity of whoever I make them for. It is so rewarding to see a creation develop from simple thread.

Crochet is so versatile. I love to bring delicacy, finesse, grace and femininity to my creations. I aim to create timeless, unique pieces for every woman and age.

Pieces can be created in numerous styles, for any season and any occasion. From beachwear to formal wear.

All my clothes are made to fit- not just fit on the body- but fit into world culture, and I make them with that in mind.

My process is a very deep and sensual one. When I launched my brand, I wanted to ensure that ethical values were maintained- without realising that it would soon become a trendy topic!

Sustainability and reducing the impact of pollution on society are now huge focus areas across the globe, but these are values that I have always embraced.
So, I would like to invite you to rediscover crochet by Tina Welsh